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The Velvet Shoestring

The Velvet Shoestring Going on 12 Years

Decorating your home with quality items on a budget can be tough, but not when you know where to look! One trip to The Velvet Shoestring and you will be hooked. 

Second Street is not the same street it was 12 years ago, a lot in Williamsburg has changed since then. Sitting down with owner, Betty of The Velvet Shoestring was both a chance to learn about an expanding family business and a little history of our town. The Velvet Shoestring is a high-end quality consignment store that specializes in home accents, furniture and home accessories. What began as a single client driven business endeavor, this store is now the first of three locations.  Mother, Son, Daughter, Daughter-in-law and now grandchildren have all played a part in the success of The Velvet Shoestring over the years. 
Now located on Second Street, this store has traveled from its original location in York County to their newly expanded structure in the City of Williamsburg. Betty reminisces of the days when she would drive down a completely still Second Street and stare at the building that would someday serve as the anchor of their store. It just so happens that on one of those drives she saw a truck parked in front which allowed her to meet the owner of the building and receive a private tour. The location was a large 5,000 square foot building. She called her daughter and asked if it would even be a possibility to fill the entire space.  Let’s just say, filling the place was not an issue. Now at nearly 12,000 square feet they even have a climate controlled room for storage space. 
Betty attributes much of the success of her store to the quality items that are available to them in the Greater Williamsburg area. She says that because the quality of life here is so high that creates a lot of demand for furnishing both new homes and old homes. “People of all ages are moving, buying new houses or downsizing in this area. That is why the business has been able to grow so much” Betty explains.  The two other storefront locations of The Velvet Shoestring are Nashville, Tennessee and Wayne, Pennsylvania.  However, Betty stresses that the Greater Williamsburg area has a great mix of consumers. She says there are people coming from all over the world to live here and visit here making our business one of the destinations for people to experience. 
We can attest to the beauty of this retail storefront. There were gorgeous turquoise chairs in the front and Persian rugs everywhere. She said she has customers that furnish their entire houses from The Velvet Shoestring. The new location is floor to ceiling full of beautiful displays that allow you to visualize the items in your own home, unlike other stores that have everything organized by description.  Whether you are searching for pieces for your home or interested in consigning current pieces The Velvet Shoestring is one business you will want to visit! 
To learn more about The Velvet Shoestring you can visit their website or shop in their store at 311 2nd Street Williamsburg, Virginia.