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Baeplex's New Campus and Wellness Center

If you are native to the Greater Williamsburg area, you are familiar with Baeplex Martial Arts.  However, you may be unaware of the beautiful land that houses their new Martial Arts Center.

If you are a native to the Greater Williamsburg area, you are familiar with Baeplex Martial Arts. However, you may be unaware about the beautiful land that houses their new Martial Arts Center. 
When we were invited out to their property, we understood the draw to this particular lot.  It was accessible yet serene.  The owner and founder, Joseph Ash gave us a tour around the property.  There are two rooms designated for classes.  One is a small room tailored toward newcomers.  Ash informed us this allows students to participate in a group without the intimidation that may come with the “big room”. The “big room” refers to the room that is used for the majority of the classes.  This room is very, very large: about 2,400 square feet.  Baeplex also provides a large lobby area for their students along with an outdoor patio off to the side of the “big room.”  Ash has plans to turn the patio into a meditation area and host different types of classes in this environment. 
Baeplex is located in York County within the Greater Williamsburg Partnership region.  When we asked Ash about how he choose the location for his business, he only had positive things to say.  He said originally he was leaning toward the City of Williamsburg but there wasn’t a property available that suited his needs.  They directed him to speak with York County (This is one of the perks of looking for commercial space in the GWP). Upon speaking with York County, Ash was given a tour of his current property the very next day.  He said as soon as they drove up the street he just knew this was the space for him to grow his business.
The property is gorgeous.  It is serene without being too far away from civilization. It also houses walking trails that go around all 6 acres.  Ash told us about his plans to create an entire wellness campus.  The blueprints for this are displayed in the front office of Baeplex.  The wellness campus will consist of three buildings: a Martial Arts Center, a Yoga Center, and a Fitness Center.  Ash believes in creating a space that promotes healthy living and fosters personal development. 
If you would like to learn more about Baeplex Martial Arts or the programs they offer visit their website. Follow GWP on Facebook and if you would like to be featured on our website contact us here